50 Years Constant Innovation NEWZIRO Today

NEWZIRO maintains leadership in the field of heating materials, heating modules and heating products.
In House Manufacturing | NEWZIRO CO., LTD.

In House Manufacturing

State of art manufacturing facilities produce quality goods with consistent reliability, all for the client satisfactions.

In House Production Design | NEWZIRO CO., LTD.

In House Production Design

Product planning and design for global markets. Safety and comfort for the benefits of client reamins the top priority

Global Distribution | NEWZIRO CO., LTD.

Global Distribution

For local and global markets, along with distribution leaders including Himart, BLACK YAK, Costco, and more.

NEWZIRO Technology Key Features

Energy effcient heating materials, modules, and finished products with safety protection features.
NEWZIRO Technology Key Features

Safety Priority

Global Design

Low Energy Consumption

Micro Heat Wires

Tencel Fabric

Some of NEWZIRO's Flagship Thermal Products

NEWZIRO products come with highest quality and safety standards leveraging the 50 years of technology innovation.

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Intellectual Properties


Cumulative production of finished products


Cumulative production of heating line


Number of Product Items


BLACK YAK chose NEWZIRO's thermal technology leadership for the smart phone controlled heat jackets.

  •  Magnetic Connector
  •  Solid Housing
  •  Smart Phone Control
  •  Temperature Control
  •  Temperature Setting

NEWZIRO  Major Distribution Networks

Over the last 50 years, NEWZIRO has been offering products clients want with the leading distributors
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